An afternoon, a song

Louis Jucker & friends playing a song in an attic. It was recorded by Kevin who toured Europe recording each day a different artist in a different town. Recording Europe Facebook

Concert @ Aarau

Concert duo @ Barracuda Bar, Aarau on 20th February. Thanks a lot to Gert and his team, the night was unforgettable. Barracuda’s Facebook


You can come and see (or buy) the stencils I’ve made @ Antica Gelateria, Neuchâtel (rue des Moulins 31) throughout the month of March! Interested? Send a message here. Emilie Zoé expose et vend ses tags réalisés à la Gelateria à Neuchâtel (Rue des Moulins 31) pendant tout le mois de mars! Intéressés? Envoyez un message par ICI. … Continue reading Stencils