End of August Shows

Next Concerts: 27.08.2015 : LiA @ Jval Festival, Begnins 28.08.2015 : Emilie Zoé @ Sur le Toit, Rue des Saars 13, Neuchâtel 29.08.2015 : Emilie Zoé @ On the Road Festival, Romont 30.08.2015 : LiA duo @ Balkkon, Neuchâtel 02.09.2015 : LiA duo @ Rüsterei, Zürich 05.09.2015 : Emilie Zoé solo @ Inauguration Palais – … Continue reading End of August Shows

Next duo shows

07.08.2015 : Emilie Zoé @ Hors-Tribu, Môtiers (CH) 28.08.2015 : Emilie Zoé @ Sur Le Toit rue des Saars 13, Neuchâtel (CH) 05.09.2015 : Emilie Zoé @ Palais Galerie, Rue des Saars 1, Neuchâtel (CH) 26.09.2015 : Emilie Zoé @ Hug Musique, Lausanne (CH) 06.11.2015 : Emilie Zoé @ TBA, Lausanne (CH) 05.12.2015 : Emilie … Continue reading Next duo shows

A video for me&mobi

I went to Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris with me&mobi and filmed the concert they played there. Here is a video of the song called Walter. their website: http://www.meandmobi.ch

Emilie Zoé on tape

It is still possible to get a tape of the concert of Friday night @ La Datcha! They’re duplicating tapes in DémArt today until 18h. A mix-tape with one song per artist will be out soon. Check Hummus Records.

An afternoon, a song

Louis Jucker & friends playing a song in an attic. It was recorded by Kevin who toured Europe recording each day a different artist in a different town. Recording Europe Facebook